Main Investor Information

With Tradia's excellent infrastructure and commitment to excellence, Tralinks is equipped to deliver exceptional logistics services that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

Tradia Corporation, founded in April 1941,  the main investor in Tralinks, is an esteemed international logistics specialist company with a focus on transporting goods between Japan, India, China, Vietnam and other countries across Asia and around the world. With a comprehensive range of services, Tradia offers a wide spectrum of harbor transport and international transportation solutions that cover the entire process of foreign trade.

One of the key strengths of Tradia is its ability to handle various aspects of logistics seamlessly. From the loading and unloading of cargo at seaports to customs clearance, transport, storage, inspection, and distribution processing, Tradia ensures a smooth and efficient flow of goods throughout the supply chain. By coordinating routes and providing accurate expense quotes for international transportation, Tradia offers a high level of service that caters to the diverse needs of its clients.

Tradia takes pride in its warehouses, which play a crucial role in providing top-quality services. As an Authorized Warehouse Operator, Tradia has established a robust security management and compliance system for goods stored in its warehouses. This certification ensures that the company maintains the highest standards of safety and security for the cargo entrusted to its care.

With facilities designed to accommodate various distribution processes, including inspection, assortment, fixed-temperature storage for food and other goods, as well as fumigation of fresh vegetables and grain, Tradia's warehouses are equipped to meet a wide range of customer needs. These warehouses serve as optimal storage and distribution bases for import and export cargo, providing efficient and reliable solutions for Tradia's clients.

With its extensive experience, commitment to quality, and comprehensive range of services, Tradia Corporation brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge as the main investor in Tralinks. This partnership ensures that Tralinks can deliver exceptional logistics solutions and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to its clients in Vietnam and beyond.


Rokko Distribution Center 

Location : 2-8 Koyo-cho,Nishi,Higashinada-ku,Kobe 658-0033

Total Floor Area : 18,114m2

Structure :Three-story steel-frame building

Main service :

+ Distribution processing service for apparel, footwear, etc;

+ Fixed-temperature storage of liquors, food, food materials, grain, etc. during the summer (two storerooms, set at a temperature between 13°C and 15°C);

+ Equipped with facilities to fumigate containers carrying goods subject to the Plant Protection Act (fresh vegetables, grain, etc.) (20-foot containers each);

+ Inventory management on a barcode system;


Maya Futo Warehouse
Location : Maya Pier,Nada-ku,Kobe 657-0854       
Total Floor Area : 8,514m2 
Structure : Three-story steel-frame building

Kobe - Nishi Distribution Center
Location : 3-12-2Mitsugaoka,Nishi-ku,Kobe 651-2228
Total Floor Area : 10,928m2
Structure : Three-story fireproof steel-frame building
Main service
+ Hybrid warehouse handling both import/export trade cargo and domestic cargo;
+ Inspection,needle detection,and distribution processing services for apparel,footwear,and sundries;
+ Inventory management on a barcode and QR code system;
+ Located 1km from the Sanyo Expressway,which enables speedy reception and delivery of cargo

Port Island L-15 Warehouse
Location : 7-12 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Total Floor Area : 2800m2 
Structure : One-story fireproof steel-frame building

Chikko Warehouse 
Location :3-1-32 Chikko,Minato-ku,Osaka 552-0021
Total Floor Area : 6,693m2
Structure : Three-story steel-frame building

Nanko Trade Center Q-1 Warehouse
Location : 6-7, Nanko-naka, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
Total Floor Area : 2,429m2
Structure : One-story steel-frame building


Shionagi Distribution Center 
Location : 1-3 Shionagi-Cho,Minato-ku,Nagoya 455-0844
Total Floor Area : 9,593m2
Structure : Three-story steel-frame building

Meiyon Warehouse
Location : 13 Umenogo Nishiume,Tobishima Ama-gun, Aichi 490-1435
Total Floor Area : 3,804m2
Structure : One-story steel-frame building with slate roof.

Jonanjima Distribution Center
Location : 7-2-2Jonanjima,Ota-ku,Tokyo 143-0002
Total Floor Area : 9,890m2
Structure : Five-story steel-frame building
Main Service
+ Fixed-temperature storage of liquors, food, food materials, etc. during the summer in ways suitable to their characteristics (four storerooms, set at a temperature between 12°C and 15°C);
+ As certified under the JAS Standards for Organic Foods, we offer assortment and grade labeling services for organic farm produce;
+ Inspection of apparel, footwear, bags, etc on Xray inspection equipment to detect extraneous materials, and provide image data to customers. and production of image data available for customers.

Ohi Warehouse
Location :5-1-2 Tokai, Ota-ku,Tokyo
Total Floor Area : 2,200m2
Structure : Three-story steel-frame building

Shin - Yamashita Warehouse
Location : 3-7 Shin-Yamashita,Naka-ku,Yokohama, 231-0801
Total Floor Area : 7,301m2
Structure : Three-story steel-frame building
Main Service :
+ Inspection, needle detection, and distribution processing services for apparel, footwear, and sundries;
+ Inventory management on a barcode system;
+ TRADIA has obtained Green Management Certification in this warehouse and execute the social responsibilities for preventing global warming by practicing green management.